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"Queen of Tears" ranks 2nd. What are the top 10 tvN drama viewership ratings of all time?

tvN's Queen of Tears has reached nearly every milestone of a smashing global K-drama hitting number one in viewership rating every week! But we want to know how it compares to other top tvN dramas. Read on to find out!

Reaching a staggering 21.6% nationwide (Nielsen Korea) in its latest episode, Queen of Tears is definitely the drama to beat this year! With all of South Korea and the world tuned in to the final two episodes airing on April 27 and 28 respectively, let's find out what are the top tvN dramas of all time!

We will focus on the top 5 dramas first and give you the rest of the numbers from sixth to tenth place! Each viewership rating is the average of the total drama (all episodes).

5. Mister Sunshine (2018) 18.1%

This is no surprise to anyone. Anything Lee Byung Hun touches turns to gold! Throw in a very talented star Kim Tae Ri and you've got yourself a masterpiece! Premiering in 2018, Mister Sunshine was a sure hit before it was aired due to the star-studded cast anchored by the two leads. Mister Sunshine tells a story about a man returning to his homeland, Joseon, who abandoned him.

4. Reply 1988 (2015-2016) 18.8%

Reply 1988 is truly a work of pop culture art. Riding behind the success of the "Reply series" (1997 and 1994), this third installment started well and took off surpassing double-digit viewership (10.1%, Nielsen Korea) by the fifth episode. This coming-of-age drama with a star-studded cast, left no crumbs.

3. Goblin (2016) 20.5%

Goblin started the "uncle" (ahjussi) craze in South Korea and it's not hard to see why! If every middle-aged Korean man looked like Gong Yoo, every high school girl would fall in love! Just kidding! But seriously, this relationship was a little suspect at first. Goblin is also on tvN's top 10 most-watched dramas of all time. If you're new to Korean dramas, this is a must-watch!

2. Queen of Tears (2024) 20.7%

With only one more week until the finale, Queen of Tears just might take over as the most-viewed tvN K-drama of all time! With only a 1% difference between the top two dramas, we feel that Queen of Tears is poised to take over the number one spot by next week! The beautiful scenery, along with the great male and female leads, could be the reason why this drama is so addicting! Comment below why you love this drama and why it should be number one! Click here to see the cast members spill the beans on each other!

1. Crash Landing on You (2019 - 2020) 21.7%

Crash Landing on You takes the top spot by a margin as it led to the two main characters marrying each other in real life! The drama started off with a decent viewership rating at 6.1% and continued to rise every week to 21.7% in the final 16th episode, the highest viewership rating of any tvN drama!

Don't forget that numbers 6 - 10 are also worth watching!

6. Mr. Queen (2020 - 2021) 17.4%

7. Crash Course in Romance (2023) 17.0%

9. Vincenzo (2021) 14.6%

10. Our Blues (2022) 14.6%

So there you have it! tvN's top 10 most-viewed dramas of all time! Let us know which dramas you NEED to be watching. Do you agree with this list? Comment below!

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