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"D-Day" Is More Than Okay Okay Okay: Agust D Slays in the USA!

"Don’t regret the past and don’t fear the future, fool if you can’t avoid it, face it”

It’s June 2023 and BTS Suga is on his last wave of completing a series of concerts in Asia as the first BTS member to do a solo tour under his persona Agust D. Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D is one of the greatest rappers to come out of South Korea as his name appears on every who’s who of rappers list. He’s a creative that leaves his heart open, a producer with perfectionist skills, and a natural entertainer that makes his concert one of the best performances that I had the pleasure of seeing. Twice. Well, the “Best is Yet to Come”, but Agust D is sure coming strong with D-Day! Here’s my concert "out of ten" recap and photos I took of the last two performances of D-Day in the United States at the Oakland Arena in California!

Preconcert Ambience – 8/10

Everyone expects long lines to get into the concert and arrive hours early before the show begins. But, it’s ALWAYS a pain to find out where in the world is the start and the end of the line. Oakland Arena was not organized in directing people to where the line started and ended. Luckily, ARMY is a pretty chill fandom preconcert and if you were to get lost, someone will have a friendly smile and we all kind of just lined up. You will always find someone who will have a photocard with snacks or artwork to share and distract you from the long wait lines.

*TIP: Keep a positive attitude and smile. Bring water. Bring snacks. Research the venue and know where the restrooms are in advance. Exchange social media with other Army to maintain relationships with people who share the same passion as you.

Preconcert Activities – 10/10

Oakland Arena did well with a classy photo booth op decorated with tangerines and the bar serving a special drink called “The Boss 2.0” in honor of Agust D.

*TIP: Walk around and don’t hurry to your seat. Your seat will be there for you, it’s reserved. You’ll never know what other activities are available. I did not know about the photo booth until Day 2!

Fandom – 10/10

ARMY was hyped and the sense of love for Agust D was felt. Bombs up and I don’t think anyone had any really good videos during Daechwita. EVERYONE was jumping and come on, it’s Agust D live, it’s Daecwhita LIVE. You don’t belong there if you’re not yelling and jumping while Agust D is spitting.

*TIP: If the venue is like Oakland, your sign will get shown on screen. The camera person at both concerts made sure to get everyone's sign and anyone in costume on the screen. Make that sign so Agust D can feel that love!

Merch Line – 7/10

On Day 2, I attempted to stand in the merch line. I think I was in the wrong line. Luckily, I was not killed by anyone. The checkout merchant was great. She was patient with me as I made sure my merch was safe and sound in my backpack.

*TIP: Do the early bird merch purchase if possible. My bestie flew in the day before the concert and went in line for the merch for three hours. If you have time to kill, it is worth the wait because they only carry a limited amount of merchandise for each show. I know you’ll be standing for HOURS, but it is worth it. Sometimes, it is possible to pre-order on Weverse Global if you're a patient person.

Postconcert Activities – 5/10

We waited for an hour for an Uber. It’s like this ALL the time. It’s the worst part of the entire experience if you’re not dressed properly and it’s a cold night. The best tip is to just start dancing or playing music. Many Army were dancing outside and Army bombs lit the parking lot.

*TIP: California and Chicago venues have what I call illegal hot dog stands. They show up after the concert. It’s a great quick snack to keep your energy up while waiting.

Stage – 10/10

I wondered what the lines hanging from the ceiling were and why I couldn’t get a good picture at the beginning of the show. Eventually, parts of the stage started moving. It all began to make sense of what Agust D wanted to present at the end of the show. In the end, you’ll understand the moving stage concept and think “ahhhhhhhhhh… “

There is no doubt that Agust D is a certified musician and producer genius.

Note: THERE IS NO CONFETTI in this show but a lot of smoke and FIRE.

Performance – 7777777/10

I went into the concert with a rap expectation mentality. But I left the concert thinking he did SO MUCH MORE! The performance was like watching someone rip open his heart and it bled purple everywhere. He rapped, he danced, he sang, he played the guitar, he played the piano, and he even sang "Happy Birthday" to a lucky ARMY. He spoke wholeheartedly to them as well! The one part that will live forever in everyone who attended the concert was that he promised to return with all seven. Even when this entire show should be his moment, he does not forget his roots!

*Note: Agust D puts out a performance that slays. You’ll see it in his face, and his crew, and maybe bring a tissue just in case because you will have teary proud moments.

“Future’s gonna be okay, okay okay look at the mirror”

Don't worry US ARMY, Agust D already made his promise on the last day of his concert in Oakland that "next time I'll come back with the rest of the members as well. Please wait just a little bit until I can make that happen".

*Note: This photo is his smile when he said this! We believe him!

Global ARMY – June is your lucky month!

If there are any tickets left, go and support Agust D and enjoy yourself! Make ARMY memories with your besties! Convert new ARMY because this entire show is a beautiful production any music lover would enjoy. Tag us if you're going to the concert. We would love to hear about your Global Army experiences!

June 9, 10, 11 – Bangkok, Impact Arena

June 16, 17, 18 – Singapore, Singapore Indoor Stadium

June 24, 25 – Seoul, Jamsil Indoor Stadium



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Thank you for your article 💜

”Yoongi Marry Me” it's special slogan for suga 🥰💜

I'm proud and I hope Suga is always healthy and happy enjoying his solo tour in various countries 🥰🤗

I'm happy because the concert was a success even though I only saw it from the replay through the fan cameras 🫶🏻🥹

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🍊 Very very happy for him. Thank you so much my Army friend for reading my article. We also wish him all the best of everything and yet to come.🍊💜

I almost wore a wedding gown to the concert. Some people did!!! 😂

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💜Mantap-Mantul! 🥹 대박 🍊

Did you also go to the concert?

I wish I could go to all 🤣💜🍊

I hope you entered our drawing. Good luck!

Apakah kamu juga pergi ke konser?

Saya berharap saya bisa pergi ke semua 🤣💜🍊

Saya harap Anda memasukkan gambar kami. Semoga berhasil Army 💜

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12. Juni 2023

The article is so good written ! You put all the details on it ! Hope to see him in person one day !! Fingers crossed 💜🥳

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I’ll cross fingers for you too!

He really did a wonderful job, a true musician and producer.

Did you enter the drawing?

Wishing you luck and thank you for reading my article and supporting Dojeon Media 💜

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Wow i like the article you details everything about the concert and yoongi too. I wish some day see the concert in person

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I hope you will get to see LIVE too!

A beautiful experience with Army.

Did you enter the drawing this week?

💜 hope you did and wishing you luck!

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well-written article! gave so much emphasis on Yoongi’s D-day journey!! I’m soo proud of him for his immense effort on all the shows!! 😭💜

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Antwort an

Thank you so much for reading!

So proud of him too. Are you also excited about the promise? 🤩🥹🥲

Did you enter the weekly drawing for Festa? 💜 Good luck Army 💜

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