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J–hope Surprises Fans by Calling Jin during Acceptance Speech at MAMA Awards!

On November 30th, the second day of the MAMA Awards 2022 was held in Japan and there were so many interesting performances!

Upon receiving the sixth and last award of the night on behalf of all BTS members – the "MAMA Platinum", an award given to artists who have won all 4 Daesangs at once – J–hope surprised fans by calling his older brother Jin "Hyung Seokjin" on the phone.

Jin greeted ARMY warmly and announced that he will not be making any further public appearances due to his imminent enlistment into the military. He promised to come back safely and with new music. He even wished the fans to stay warm and healthy during the cold winter months.

Finally, he thanked his fellow team member and the fans one last time before hanging up.

ARMY was very touched by this heartwarming moment, which inspired another big wave of love towards BTS, in particular towards J–hope and Jin for their thoughtfulness. Although aware of Jin's enlistment coming up, many fans were also sad to know they will not be seeing the group's eldest for quite some time.

Even if you're not a BTS' fan, I'm sure you were touched by this moment!

Did you watch MAMA? What do you think about this year's winners? What was your favorite performance?


BTS' bond is really something 💜


This moment is too precious!!! Got teary eyed when I heard Jin shouted "Army" 😭 Hobi really knows how to make armys happy!! We'll miss and wait for you, Jinnie!! 💜💜💜

Dec 02, 2022

I hope he will not go without make a birthday live😞😞

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