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Learn Korean from the hit K-drama sensation "My Demon"!

If you're a fan of Korean dramas, like us, you've probably heard about the latest sensation, My Demon! This drama has taken the entertainment world by storm, capturing the hearts of many with its captivating storyline and talented cast.

One of the main characters, Do Do-Hee, played by the talented Kim You Jung, is the successor of the Mirae Group. Cynical about love, she finds herself entangled with a demon named Jeong Gu Won, portrayed by the charismatic Song Kang, and they enter into a contract marriage. Little did they know that this decision would lead to significant changes in their lives!

My Demon has garnered immense popularity in recent days, attracting a large fanbase and dedicated followers. Beyond its entertainment value, this drama provides an excellent opportunity to learn the Korean language!

To help you embrace the beauty of the language showcased in My Demon, we have compiled a list of essential Korean words and sentences that you can incorporate into your daily life.


1. 유부남 데몬 ?!

(pronunciation: yoo-boo-nam dee-mon)

● Translation: "Are you a married man, Demon?!"

2. 인간이랑 결혼하는 건 미친 짓이라며 .. 이유가 뭐야

(pronunciation: in-gan-ee-rang gyeol-hon-ha-neun geon mi-chin jit-i-ra-myeo .. i-yu-ga mwo-ya)

● Translation: "They say marrying a human is a crazy thing to do... What's the reason?"

☆ Daily life sentence: "I can't believe he's marrying someone he just met. It's like a crazy thing to do!"
"그가 막 만난 사람과 결혼한다니, 미친 짓 같아요!"

3. 나 케이크 만들었다

(pronunciation: na ke-i-ke man-deu-reot-da)

● Translation: "I made a cake."

☆ Daily life sentence: "I baked a delicious cake for dessert tonight."
"오늘 저녁 후식으로 맛있는 케이크를 굽었어요."

4. 결혼 생활은 좀 할 만한 거 같아 ?

(pronunciation: gyeol-hon saeng-hwal-eun jom hal man-han geo ga-ta?)

● Translation: "Do you think married life is worth it?"

☆ Daily life sentence: "I've been thinking about getting married lately. Is married life really worth it?"
"요즘 결혼 생각을 많이 해봤어요. 결혼 생활은 정말 가치가 있을까요?"

5. 결혼이 원래 이런 거야 ?

(pronunciation: gyeol-hon-i won-rae i-reon geo-ya?)

● Translation: "Is marriage always like this?"

☆ Daily life sentence: "I thought marriage would be different. Is it always like this?"
"결혼은 좀 다르게 될 줄 알았는데요. 항상 이런 건가요?"

6. 내 물건 하나도 내 맘대로 집에 못 들이고 ?

(pronunciation: nae mul-geon ha-na-do nae mam-dae-ro jip-e mot deur-i-go?)

● Translation: "I can't even bring one of my things into the house as I please?"

☆Daily life sentence: "I can't believe my partner won't let me bring any of my belongings into our new home."
"내 파트너가 새 집에 내 물건을 아무것도 들이지 않게 해서 믿을 수가 없어요."

7. 불필요한 짐은 다 빼

(pronunciation: bul-pil-yo-han jim-eun da pae)

● Translation: "Get rid of all unnecessary baggage."

☆Daily life sentence: "Before we move into our new apartment, let's declutter and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff."
"새 아파트로 이사하기 전에 불필요한 물건들을 정리하고 모두 버리자."

8. 이제야 진짜 실감이 나네

(pronunciation: i-je-ya jin-jja sil-gam-i na-ne)

● Translation: "Now I finally feel it for real."

☆Daily life sentence: "After months of planning, our wedding day has arrived. Now I finally feel the excitement for real."
"몇 달간 계획한 끝에 결혼식 날이 왔어요. 이제야 진짜로 설레임을 느껴요."

9. 유부남 된거

(pronunciation: yu-bu-nam dwen-geo)

● Translation: "Becoming a married man."

☆ Daily life sentence: "Congratulations on becoming a married man! How does it feel?"
"유부남이 되신 걸 축하드려요! 어떤 기분이에요?"

10. 결국 해가 다 지고 나서야 들어오신다?

(pronunciation: gyeol-guk hae-ga da ji-go na-seo-ya deur-eo-o-sin-da?)

● Translation: "You finally come in after the sun has set?"

☆ Daily life sentence: "You always arrive home late after the sun has set. It's about time you came in earlier."
"언제나 해가 진 후에 집에 늦게 도착해요. 조금 일찍 들어오는 게 어때요?"

These are just a few examples of the Korean words and phrases you can learn from My Demon. By incorporating them into your daily life, you can embrace the language and deepen your connection with Korean culture.

The impact of this drama goes beyond the screen, encouraging viewers to explore the beautiful Korean language and culture. So, why wait? Start your Korean language journey today, and let My Demon be your guide. Sugohaesseoyo "수고했어요" (You've worked hard!), and happy learning!


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